Practice Management Software

Practice Management Software

Mental Health Professionals

Save your time and mental bandwidth. Focus on what you do best, giving the best care to your patients!


Your Chief
Operating Officer

Make your life easy with Clinny

Manage day-to-day tasks with ease and efficiency. Take repetitive and laborious work off your plate!

Digitize your practice

Have access to your clinic 24x7 and get to do away with those diaries & docs. Boost your productivity with Clinny!

Broaden your reach and impact

Get your webpage and let people find you easily. Create your profile, share info, add relevant content, and more.

Manage Schedule

Have complete visibility over your calendar at all times. Quickly create new appointments and see upcoming engagements in one glance. Integrates with Google Calendar to sync schedule automatically.

Take Appointments

Get your own customized appointment booking page and start taking appointments directly from it. Avoid interrupting phone calls during sessions and the hassle of checking calendar all the time.

Patient Dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard is all you need to keep track of your patients. With just a click, view patient info, their history, a detailed timeline of sessions, and quickly take actions like adding notes, sending tests, scheduling an appointment, etc.


Have a specific template for taking down patient history or a session note? Add as many templates as you need for every use case and quickly get started with them. Spend time writing only the important stuff and not on duplicating the basic blueprint of the document.

Online Psychometric Tests

Beautifully designed online psychometric tests which patients can take with ease and convenience on their own device. Stop spending time conducting them in any other way like Google sheets or physically on paper.

Automated Scoring & Reports

Get instant scores & performance reports of tests on completion. Save hours of your time spent on evaluating tests manually and focus instead on planning the future course of action based on the results!


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